The magazine KOLEJE MAŁE I DUŻE (Railways Small and Large)
is published from September 2000 (3 - 6 issue by year).

The best way of ensuring you receive your copy of KOLEJE MAŁE I DUŻE promptly
is to take out a subscription for delivery by mail.
The price for a Subscription (four issue) is PLN 196 (approx. 49 Euro) for Europe
or PLN 228 (approx. 69 US$) for the rest of the world.
Please make payment by international money order or PayPal - e-mail: direct to:

APLAND - Andrzej Wilk, PL-40-525 Katowice, ul. Kościuszki 182, POLAND,
account number: PL50 11402004 0000 3402 6237 5634

Please don't forget to include your full name and address including post code
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Back issues:

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2/2006(23)  sold out
1/2007(24)  sold out
2-3/2007(25)  sold out
1/2008(26)  sold out
2-3/2008(27)  sold out
1/2010(28)   availlable  (PLN 44,-)
1-2/2011(29)   availlable  (PLN 56,-)
1-2/2013(30)   availlable  (PLN 56,-)
1-2/2014(31)   availlable  (PLN 56,-)
1/2015(32)   availlable  (PLN 48,-)
2/2015(33)   availlable  (PLN 48,-)
1/2016(34)   availlable  (PLN 48,-)
1-2/2017(35)   availlable  (PLN 56,-)
1-2/2018(36)   available  (PLN 56,-)

Special issue:

H-1(1)  sold out
H-2(2)  sold out
H-3(3)  sold out
H-4(4)  sold out


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